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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Update on Sam

So, Sam's surgery went great on Monday, all things considered.  He was a little nervous to begin with, but I was allowed with him in the surgery room until he went to sleep (along with his trusty pal Mud Bud- who got his tonsils out too, as far as Sam knows).  The surgery was over in about 30 minutes and we were allowed to see him 5 minutes later.

The first thing he said to us was "when are they going to take out my tonsils?"  He didn't even realize it was over.  Then he snuggled up on my lap and went back to sleep. The only thing that bothered him was the iv in his hand.  He slept for about an hour and a half until he stirred when the ice machine woke him up.  He was fine when he woke up and wanted to try every flavor of popsicles, per doctor order.  He had two green and one blue when suddenly it was like we were in the recovery room of horrors.  Supposedly, the older you get, the harder it is on you.  Across from us was a teenage girl who couldn't stop puking.  Then they wheeled in a teenage boy.  He was quiet for a bit, then he just started screaming, "MY THROAT HURTS!" It was about that time, that Sam said "I'm ready to go home!" The nurse said he was the cutest patient ever, and she'd like to take him home with her, but we wouldn't let her.

Since then he's been convalescing.  Day one was the easiest, it's hurt gradually more each day.  Day one he was starving.  He ate about 4-5 yogurt sticks, a vanilla frosty, and some jello.  Day two he was already tired of the soft food and begging for rice krispie treats, etc.  He settled for a pancake, more yogurt, another frosty, and some marshmallows.  He is drinking more water, which is a relief.

Day three, today, he is feeling the worst. I can't get him to eat anything, but he is drinking water, so I guess that's what is most important.  Hopefully he'll eat something in a bit.  From what I read, day three and four are the worst, and then it starts to improve.  I hope that holds true for Sam!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Who needs em' anyways?

So- Sam is getting his tonsils and adenoids out on Monday.  This is great!  We've been trying to get this done since he was three.  Not that I want him under the knife or anything, but he gets strep throat ALL the time ( eight times in the past year), misses school,  and generally feels miserable.  Then the antibiotics cause tummy troubles, and even after he's feeling better, he's a different kind of miserable.  I can't wait to start a hopefully healthier chapter in his life.  People caution me and say that he could still get Strep. Hey, I'm cool with that.  If we even cut down the cases in half, it'd make such a huge difference.  

He's not really nervous about the surgery at all.  I, on the other hand am slightly freaking out.  For one, it's kind of bad timing.  I know it's a good idea to do this over spring break to minimize the number of absences from school, but, what was I thinking?  That also means, Michael and Molly will be home from school.  I'm worried about how Sam will be able to rest, and heal, with those two running around.  Luckily, my mom is coming to help me, and will at least keep Ben occupied.  I may have to bribe the other two.  Second of all, it worries me that Sam is such a picky eater.  And the vast majority of what he does eat is crunchy.  So the soft food diet for two weeks, is going to be challenging.  He'll be eating lots of yogurt, ice cream, popsicles, bananas and pancakes, I have a feeling.  Any other ideas?  Please share!  I'm really sweating this.  And finally, NEVER, I repeat, NEVER google tonsillectomy in 7 year old.  You don't want to read the horror stories.  I'm probably not going to sleep until he's at least two weeks post op.

So, in conclusion, for those who do, please say a prayer for Sam and our family, that the surgery goes well, there are no complications, and the recovery is quick and as painless as possible.  I'll update when I can.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Ooo's have it!

I love toddler talk. Ben currently ends almost every word with oo. Here are a few examples...
-col-oo for color
-show-oo for shower
-buh-oo for bubble
-wah-oo for where are you
-cer-oo for cereal

It's adorable. What's not cute is the fact that he decided to climb out of his crib yesterday. Not ready for that at all!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Deep thoughts by Molly...

We had a snow day yesterday and today, since school was two hours late for Sam, the twins are home again today.  I decided to take advantage of not having Sam with us, and we decided to go to Target today to pick out a birthday gift for Sam (from the twins and Ben).  I can't believe that he will be seven next week, but that's another story.  So we were pointing out various trucks to Ben, and we saw a bus.  I said "that's a city bus, like we rode at Disney World.  It's for grown ups and kids."  They wanted to get on it to go to Disney World.  Then when I told them that the city bus takes people places that they need to go around town, if they don't have a car to get there, they wanted to know where it went.  I told them that it went places like the mall, to grocery stores, to Target, etc.  Molly asked "And to China?"  I told her no, she'd probably have to fly an airplane there.

Now we are home and Michael and Molly are playing in the basement.  It's always funny to see what they come up with when they are home and playing together.  They are so creative! When Sam is home, it's definitely a different kind of play.  He's definitely the first born, and wants everything to go according to his plan.  When it's just the twins, they just have such an imagination and they just come up with this elaborate world of make believe.  A few minutes ago Michael came out of the basement wanting me to put his Jango Fett costume on.  Then Molly came up.  She wanted her pretty flower tutu tied in a bow on the back.  She said "Mommy, this is my suit of armor."  Then she picked up her wooden bread knife from our Melissa and Doug wooden foods set and said "and THIS is my knife to fight the bad guys."

Clearly Michael couldn't find Jango Fett's helmet!