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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Captain is BUSTED!

So today was a nice lazy Saturday for a change, after running around to Soccer and Tae Kwon Do this morning, we had absolutely nothing planned for the afternoon.  Sam went over to play at a friends house, and Ben was napping, so I decided this would be the perfect time to go to the grocery store.  Chris was playing Lego's with Michael when I left and was going to go play with Molly in her room after Michael had his daddy time.

I come home from the store to find Michael and Molly outside in the garage with the refrigerator and freezer open.  I asked them what they were doing, and Michael said, "Mommy!  You're home!  We had our very worst nightmare come true.  We couldn't find daddy anywhere.  We looked all over, but then we found him in his bed having a rest."  I said, "so what are you guys doing out here?"  They had decided that they needed another snack, and were trying to reach the push up pops in the freezer.  After I assisted them with that, I carried the groceries into the kitchen, where I found an empty yogurt cup in the trash and a spoon on the counter.  I said "who had the yogurt?"  and of course, Michael said "me!"  I said "so what, you can't find daddy, so you just decided to forage for food?"  And Michael said "yes mommy, and if we didn't get our own push up pops, we might die!"  Chris came downstairs a few minutes later when I was getting the rest of the groceries inside and I told him that they had totally squealed on him.

On another note:  A special Congratulations to my hard working husband on screening for Captain!  Molly is excited for the impending pay raise (even though it's at least a year away), because she thinks we can use the extra money to go back  to Disney World.  I am excited because I can teach the kids to call Chris "The Captain."  So when they get upset because daddy won't let them do something, I can just say "The Captain has spoken!"  We love you Chris!
                                        Twin cuteness....  I didn't even notice they were holding
                                         hands until someone pointed out!

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