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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Radio Silence, and Baby Ben Babble

Sorry for the lack of posts...  We've had sick kids/school holidays for the past 3 weeks, and I have been much less productive.  Sam is currently on day 3 of a random fever.

Ben has become such a talker lately.  He's always talked, but now he's repeating everything and making sentences.  Once, a few weeks ago Michael saw a ton of snow geese in a yard as we drove past and said, "look, that's a quack party""  We call them quacks because that's Ben's word for ducks, geese, etc.

So yesterday we were driving to pick up M&M from preschool and there were a bunch of geese at this little pond that we drive past.  He of course said; "It's a quack party!"  Then later, he had gathered his angry birds up and put them all on the upper deck of Molly's Barbie Cruise Ship and said "It's a birdie party!"  I'm a bit concerned that he is such a fan of parties at such a young age, but  we'll worry about that much more as we approach 21.

Also, thanks to our XBOX 360, Ben thinks he can talk to it and get a command.  So if we have the xbox on for a movie, or if the boys are playing video games, Ben will yell out "XBOX, play monster trucks!"  Or "XBOX play Queen (Lightning Mcqueen)."  I'm not sure just how powerful he thinks the XBOX is though.  This morning, I was getting ready in my bedroom as he played and chatted away in his crib.  First he would say "Momma, wah ooo (where are you)?" and after my not coming to get him in a timly fashion, he said "XBOX, UP!"  Someday Ben, I'm sure technology will make that available.  For now, you've just got to wait on your momma!

Oops, gotta run.  Ben is looking for me, saying "momma, I want a book."  I can never resist that request!

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