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Friday, January 24, 2014

The F Bomb

*Sorry if anyone finds that title offensive.  Evidently some people do…

So, I need to record this "milestone"  for posterity, but first I should give you a little back story.  Sam and Michael watch Minecraft videos on You Tube, to get ideas for things to build.  They especially like this series of videos by "Stampy."  Chris has all of our devices set to supposedly weed out questionable videos but evidently it's not 100% effective.

We were at the National Zoo and had just finished looking at the lions.  We go over to a different area to see a different kind of big cat, that Ben was very excited about.  I had no idea what type of cat it was, so I asked Michael and Ben, who were standing there what kind it was.  Sam runs up and says "That's a fucking tiger!"  Wow!  That's something you don't expect your almost 8 year old to say.  I took him aside and told him that it was a very bad word and that he was never to say it again, while this older lady stood with her mouth gaped open over the incident.  He honestly had no idea what he was saying, and Chris and I had a good laugh about it later.  But clearly we need to monitor what they can access on You Tube.  No more videos by Stampy!

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