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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back to school

Well, it's official!  All four kids are in school!  First we have the big second grader who is really enjoying this year so far.  Unfortunately, he's enjoying bossing M&M around on the bus a little too much-  he says he just wants to be sure that they follow the rules.  Most likely a future safety patrol in training!

Next we have Michael-  very eager to start Kindergarten, mostly because he gets to ride the bus.  He likes his teacher and has no complaints so far.  He's definitely tired by the end of the day.  Too much structured activity most likely!

Next, Molly!  She was also super exited to start Kindergarten but a little nervous about being in a different classroom from Michael.  She's loved it so far though, and is very excited that there are a lot of girls in her class this year!  

Here is a photo of all three-  before the bus time battles ensued.  I told them that they all didn't have to sit together,  but they always do,  every time.  

And last, but certainly not least is Ben!  He is going to preschool for three days a week.  He is a little hesitant to go in, but never hesitant to go, so he must like it.  Ironically he isn't talking much in school,  which is interesting because he won't stop talking at home!  He tells me all about his day the whole ride home,  though I only understand about 25% of it.

So far so good!  Though homework hasn't started yet.  Talk to me in a few weeks!

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