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Friday, January 11, 2013

Mispronunciations I don't want to forget

  •  Sam says "togeger" instead of together
  • Michael says "skeleskin" instead of skeleton
  • Michael says "camputer" instead of computer
  • Molly says "againg" instead of again
  • Sam and Michael say "Qui Jon Do" instead of Tae Kwon Do.  I think this is just a result of watching too much Star Wars.  Though Chris would argue there is no such thing as too much Star Wars...
  • Michael was discussing his recent bout of Strep on his buttocks, and said "Hey mommy, remember when I had Shrek Butt?"
  • Michael says "smamich" instead of sandwich.  
  • Sam says "resternant" instead of restaurant.
  • Molly says "anunner"  instead of another.
  • Michael says "yesternight" instead of....  I'm not even sure what.  Either yesterday or last night.
  • Sam used to say (and I was reminded of it today) "beeyana" instead of banana.

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