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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Batman saves Jasmine!

Molly and Michael are playing in the playroom.  Molly didn't want to play with Michael, but I convinced her that maybe she could play princess and he could play batman.  Batman could SAVE Princess Jasmine from the bad guys.  This is how the play appears to be going.

Molly:  Don't I look beautiful in my wedding dress good guy?

Michael: Watch out for the bad guy!

Molly:  Hey good guy, do you want to see all of my pretty clothes?

Michael:  OK!  Cannon Ball!  The good guys is going down the waterfall!

Molly:  Oh, I think that's a water slide.

Michael:  Stay away from the castle!  It's time to go to sleep.

Molly: But where can I sleep?

Michael: Sleep in that cave.

Michael:  Time to wake up!  There was a big storm.

Molly:  Help Help Help!

Michael:  She got sucked into the hole and it took her allllll the way to the fire department.

Batman doesn't seem to be doing much to save Jasmine from harms way....

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