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Friday, January 25, 2013


Michael and Molly have been learning about dinosaurs at school this week.  On the way home from school we were discussing all that they had learned.  Triceratops was Michael's favorite, and he also liked one that "had spikes all over, and a rock underneath his tail that he used to kill all the baby dinosaurs." Molly was just pissed that they had to devote a whole week to this subject matter.  Anyways, this is where the conversation took us:

Michael:  Mommy, I wish we could have a pet dinosaur.

Me: Well, we can't have one, because they are extinct.  That means that there are no more dinosaurs,
they all died.

Michael:  I bet they all died because the dinosaur with the spikes on his tail killed all the babies, and the T-Rex ate all the other ones.

Me:  Maybe!

Michael:  Did you ever see a dinosaur when you were a little girl?

Me:  Nope, they were extinct a long time before mommy was even born.   Even before Dodie (my mom) was born!

Michael:  Were they extinct even before we were in your tummy?

Me:  Yes definitely before then....

Molly:  Were they extinct before you and daddy got married?

Me:  Hey, did you know it's going to snow today?

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