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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The sickly Michael...

So, Michael has the flu.  In retrospect it should have been obvious that he was feverish when a couple nights ago, he was sleep walking (well running) around in circles while screaming.  When Chris tried to put him back to bed he started squealing with laughter.  Finally Chris gave up and left and he quieted back down and didn't make another peep.  Until the next morning that is,  when he was feverish, achy, and fatigued.  After a diagnosis of Flu, we came home for rest, fluids, and fever reducer.  This was obviously all he needed.  Last night after bath, while Chris was reading a book to Sam, Michael stuck his naked bum in the air and started singing "who let the butt out!"  It's really hard not to react to his antics, because he really is a funny guy.

This morning when he woke up, he was fever free already!  So I guess the flu shot did help to some degree.  I decided that since he didn't eat much yesterday, I'd make him a breakfast that would be relatively easy on his tummy, that I knew he liked- cinnamon sugar toast.  He saw it, and said "I don't want this, I want jelly toast!"  I explained to him, that I would gladly make him jelly toast tomorrow, but I wasn't going to waste the breakfast that I had already made- he could eat that, or be excused from the table.  His response?  Chanting "Jelly Toast, Jelly Toast, Jelly Toast, Jelly Toast" OVER and OVER for what seemed like ten minutes.  It probably was one.  I told him that I wasn't going to discuss it anymore, he could have jelly toast with his lunch if he wanted, but this was his breakfast.  He finally begrudgingly ate it, but then he had to get the last word in and said "Tomorrow I want jelly toast for breakfast, jelly toast for lunch, and jelly toast for dinner."  Incidentally, I made it today for lunch-  he didn't take ONE bite.  I wonder if he'll ask for it for breakfast?

So- he spent the day home from school convalescing.  By convalescing, I mean making a volcano out of pillows, dressing his dinosaur pillow pet, giving his pet toys to play with, putting his eggs in a nest, and planning his surprise birthday party.  Of course, we had to wait to have dinosaur pillow pet's(Triceratopsy) birthday after Molly and Sam got home for school, but he busied himself preparing while he waited.  He gathered balloons, prepared a lovely Melissa and Doug wooden cake, made goody bags, and planned a party activity (making stuffed sharks).  He whispered to me when discussing it so Triceratopsy wouldn't hear.   I think he thoroughly enjoyed his sick day.  Michael is so amazing.  He has an imagination that is unparalleled.  I think I'll keep him home again tomorrow just to see what he can come up with.  Laundry can be fluffed indefinitely right?

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