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Friday, January 4, 2013

What am I, chopped liver?

I don't talk much about what Ben says, because, he's only two and doesn't talk much.  But after having his daddy and siblings home for Christmas vacation, it's been a bit of a transition this week when they all went back to work and school.  This was our conversation after Sam got on the bus and we dropped M&M off at preschool.

Ben:  Where Molly go?
Me:  She's at school.  Remember we just dropped her off?

Ben:  Where  Michael go?
Me:  He's at school with Molly.

Ben:  Where Sam go?
Me:  He got on the bus and went to school too!

Ben: Where daddy go?
Me:  Daddy's at work.

Ben:  Where papa go?
Me:  He's at papa's house.

Clearly, I am not sufficient entertainment for the kid.  

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