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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Todays notables

A few cute things today...

When our computer screen saver comes on, it just runs through our pictures.  Molly was watching them as she got dressed for ballet and said-  "mommy, was that daddy on his fifth birthday?"  I turned around expecting to see a picture of him as a kid that we had scanned in for some reason, or a picture of Sam at that age maybe.  No, it was a picture of Chris, approximately 41 years old, with a birthday cake that had a number 5 candle on it.  I guess it must have been the only candle we could find at the time.  Molly must have thought her dad was a giant at age five!

Also, it was beautiful today so we were able to get out of the house and play outside.  Michael heard a noise and said "is that a distance?"  I said, "Oh, you mean the airplane?  I hear it too..."  He says "oh, it's just a plane?  I thought it was a distance."  Evidently someone had explained planes at a distance before and he thought that the "distance" was making the noise, not a plane.  He's so flippin' cute.

And not something cute that he said, but cute in general.  Ben was EXHAUSTED today due to a short nap for the sitter.  So I figured he would go right to sleep, when he went down at his usual bedtime of 8.  WRONG.  He has approximately 8-10 angry birds and pigs in his bead which he fondly calls "birdies."  He was making a ton of noise, so finally at about 9, I went up there to see what was going on.  He was sitting up, in his crib, and had lined up all of his birds in two rows on his pillow and was playing with them.  He chatted with them for a few more minutes before passing out.

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